Breakdown of Saturday’s headlines: common sense to common headaches

the log of the political part the common sense...

In his weekly address, President Obama (con)descended from his cloud of nuanced genius to push “a few common-sense policies that would make a difference” with the economy, boiled down so completely that even we peons could understand. Later in the day, Rick Santorum used weaponized hypocrisy to give Obama a headache. We may have jumbled that last sentence, so here is our full breakdown of the bias from this Saturday’s MSM headlines:

1. CNN: “Hypocrisy in same-sex marriage debate?
Black church leaders arguing against same-sex marriage are making some of the same arguments that supporters of slavery made, some historians say”

Well if “some historians” are saying so… but what about the rest of the historian lot, who we’ll call “historians able to make distinctions”? The article criticizes the method of argument, but is noticeably light on substance (i.e. addressing the difference between skin color and sexual actions).  As if previous distortions of Scripture have made the source illegitimate for all, well, eternity. For good measure, the CNN Belief blog author quotes a lamentation that black churches are on “the wrong side of history”. Maybe, but what side of meaningless clichés are they on?  Continue reading