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Jimmy Carter’s malaise with Orwellian icing

The Decline and Fall of the American EmpireI’m too young to remember the tail end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency and the ‘malaise’ it invoked, so I ask those who do remember:

Is this what it was like?

A drifting economy in which persistently high unemployment is considered so normal and unimportant that the federal government is trying to flood the United States labor market with amnestied illegal aliens? And the rationale that Republicans are using for supporting the bill is so that the President of the United States doesn’t illegally legalize them first?

A country so morally paralyzed that it calls a Muslim terrorist who insists he’s a Muslim terrorist a perpetrator of ‘workplace violence’ on a military facility (and thereby denying the victims Purple Hearts)?

How about inane causes drummed up by a country so frivolous and capricious as to campaign to dub Washington’s football team, the Redskins, the Washington R-words because prissy white liberals claim that Native Americans are offended by it?

Did we possess a disinterested and ignorant citizenry that sits idly by, unable to drum up the same level of disgust for a President using executive orders and regulatory authority to dismantle, circumvent, and delay bills passed by Congress and signed by the President?

Our nation has gone from a vibrant constitutional Republic to a hapless, secular, European-style social democracy, in which a country of once proud warriors, who took on the world’s most evil nations and literally nuked them, now takes pride in who is the most prominent and current victim.

The worst part of America’s cultural decline? Read more…

Weekly Breakdown: The new civility

• Harry Reid took to the Senate floor to accuse Mitt Romney of not paying taxes for the last 10 years, claiming a credible source. Press Secretary Jay Carney didn’t fully back Reid, but said this could all be cleared up if Romney just released more tax returns.  Later, Reid accused Romney of farting, and when Romney denied that too, Jay Carney said, “I don’t necessarily agree with Senator Reid, but we all know that he who denied it supplied it.”

• The pro-Obama SuperPac Priorities USA ran an ad blaming Mitt Romney for a woman’s death. The media praised the civility of Obama when he staked out the middle ground, emphatically stating, “I denounce these types of attacks. Mitt Romney is a felon tax cheat, not a murderer.”

• Nancy Pelosi labeled the Republicans the “E. Coli Club”, insinuating that their desired budget proposals are so reckless they’ll lead to dirty air, food, and water, in turn making children sick with E. coli. Later in the week, she claimed to have been visited by ghosts while in a meeting at the White House. I know those two things are true, because I received links to articles about them in an email titled “She used to be third in line to the presidency…”

• In Arizona, Jared Loughner pled guilty. If you don’t remember, he is the man accused of reminding us all that our political rhetoric needs to be more civil.

• Usain Bolt of Jamaica won gold in both the 100 meters and 200 meters for the second consecutive Olympics. But he was once again runner-up to Anthony Weiner for the “Most Unintentionally Perfect Last Name” award.

• Gay activists held a “kiss-in” at Chick-Fil-A locations across the country Read more…

A conservative train of thought

Democrats are looking to push a new ‘Robin Hood’ tax on Wall Street transactions. Lovable outlaw Robin Hood may have been surprised to find out that he was an IRS agent collecting revenue for King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Arguments for the Buffett Rule and Robin Hood taxes are that they are part of the solution for solving the debt problem, that ‘every last bit helps.’ Then isn’t the reverse true for every government program line item and every dollar taxed out of the private sector? That every last bit hurts?

Why are so many liberal Catholics willing to hand their lives over to government, but resent the Church issuing moral guidelines?

Politicians like to wrap compulsory and onerous policy ideas in the colorful wrapping paper of ‘choice’ and ‘diversity.’ The only ‘choice’ involved ends up being the politician’s.   Read more…

Weekly Breakdown: Dumb Americans held in contempt

• Last Friday, President Obama stated his intention to ignore an aspect of current immigration law, bypassing Congress in defiance of the Constitution. Naturally, the media were outraged… when Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro bypassed the rest of the reporters and asked the President a question in defiance of Rose Garden press conference etiquette. Munro’s brazen disregard for process is putting the whole system at risk, am I right?!

• Greece’s something-or-another party won a close election, and a lot of Euro observers pretended to have a clue what that will mean. On a related note, Germany will play Greece in today’s Euro Cup quarterfinal. Germany is the heavy favorite, but the Greeks are expected to petition UEFA at halftime to force Germany to give back any first half goals.

• Retiring Democratic Congressman Gary Ackerman of New York did not hold back when asked about the biggest change over his 30 years in politics, saying, “I think the people have gotten dumber.” Democratic Party leaders immediately went into damage control mode, with VP Joe Biden responding, “I find Congressman Ackerman’s comparison between Old York and New York to be stuposterously unfair and unaccurate, literally a punch in the face to all middle class citizens.” President Obama also chimed in, saying, “Yes, we expected the people to be smarter by now, but that’s because we didn’t fully understand the depth of the hole of stupidity dug by the previous administration. Still, investments we’ve made in education over the last four years have steadily increased the level of intelligence across the 58 states.  Just recently I met a little girl in Idaho who was learning to speak Austrian.”

• Attorney General Eric Holder was recommended to be cited for contempt of Congress by a House Committee for his stonewalling over the Operation Fast and the Furious scandal. Holder feigned confusion at the vote, stating “This is another example of Republican partisanship having no bounds. The fact that I loved the Fast and Furious series and out-of-touch Republicans find them lame should not be a political issue. What movies President Obama and I watch together is certainly a matter of Executive Privilege.” Not realizing his mike was still on, Holder leaned over to Congressman Gary Ackerman and whispered, “The American people are dumb enough to believe that’s what this is all about, right?”

• In response to the contempt vote, Nancy Pelosi brought up the Karl Rove subpoena and the Bush administration’s claim of executive privilege, “I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day,” Pelosi said to laughter, during a sit-down with reporters. “I’m not kidding. There’s a prison here in the Capitol … If we had spotted him in the Capitol, we could have arrested him.” When the gathered reporters suddenly realized she was being serious and asked her to elaborate, she eerily said, “Oh no. I’ve already said too much…” before scampering off. Later that day, John Grisham had a great idea for another bestseller.

• On Wall Street, the stock market jumped up and then back down this week, and a lot of market observers pretended to understand why.

The Gospel according to Nancy

Nancy Pelosi

Jeff Greenfield of Yahoo’s “The Ticket” blog thought this would just be a run-of-the-mill interview with Nancy Pelosi. Little did he expect to hear the most profound parable since Jesus dropped “The Prodigal Son”:

So, I asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in an interview the other night, what could keep the Democrats from retaking the House of Representatives in November? She pointed to a cup on the table between us. “When the Republican leadership tells its members, ‘there is a blue cup on the table,’ every Republican repeats, ‘there is a blue cup on the table,'” she said. She sighed. “When I tell my fellow Democrats, ‘there is a blue cup on the table,’ one will say ‘there is a blue cup on a round table.’ Another will say, ‘there is a blue cup next to Nancy Pelosi’s cup.’ Another: ‘a blue cup on a brown table.'”

Now I understand why Democrats didn’t have time to read Obamacare before passing it. They were too busy getting stoned and contemplating that blue cup. I bet they really got off track when Joe Biden started arguing that it was actually a purple monkey.  Read more…

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