When Harry Met Reality…and Lost.

Harry Reid's comments are more ridiculous than the most people dressed as smurfs.

You think this is ridiculous? Wait until you see what Harry Reid said.

The United States 2011 final budget deficit was $1.3 Trillion. Spelled out, that’s $1,300,000,000,000. (We really need to bring the zeroes back.) Soak that in: In 2011, we spent $1.3 Trillion more than we collected in revenue. Now soak this in: Harry Reid wants credit for the deficit not being $1.301 Trillion.

Silly season in politics used to be the time leading up to the November elections, when candidates desperately made outlandish promises to voters and issued increasingly ridiculous attacks on opponents. In the perpetual crisis atmosphere of Obama’s America, silly season has joined campaign season in a never-ending insipidness. This atmosphere, in conjunction with the impermeable inside-the-beltway bubble that seems to be running out of oxygen and starving the already challenged minds of insiders, led Senator Harry Reid to say last week:

“Now remember, we’ve already done more than a billion dollars worth of cuts. We’ve already done that. So we need to get some credit for that.”

Essentially, Harry Reid is asking for credit for getting 1/1,300th of the job done so far. Even George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner was offended by Reid’s presumption.

To put this in perspective (and due to the lack of total ridicule from every serious person in the country, this actually needs to be done):

Imagine asking your mortgage holder for credit for paying them $1 on your $1,300 monthly mortgage payment.

Imagine a baseball team asking its fans for credit for scoring one run in the ninth inning in a game you’re losing 1,300 to nothing.

Imagine a food delivery truck driving from Lincoln, Nebraska to Washington, DC and asking grocery stores in DC for credit for getting one mile outside of Lincoln.

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