On The Dinosaur Train

One day, Buddy realized where meat came from.

On The Dinosaur Train explained:

Dinosaur Train is a kids show on PBS. The premise is that the Pteranodon (winged dinosaur) family finds an extra egg in their nest, and when the egg hatches, it’s a different species than they are, but they adopt him because “we’re all creatures; all dinosaurs have different features.”

Tiny, Shiny, Buddy, and Don

They name this foster child Buddy, who then sets out into the dinosaur world to discover what kind of species he is, utilizing the time-traveling Dinosaur Train to meet new dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.

Buddy is scientifically inclined, and as he meets new species, he observes their features or behaviors, then announces “I have a hypothesis!” (it’s basically his tagline), after which he makes inferences on the purposes of horns, long snouts, ridged backs, etc. He uses the scientific method to eventually figure out that he’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It’s a well meaning, light hearted show, but as an adult watching, it’s profoundly odd when the Pteranodon family orders lunch on the Dinosaur Train’s food car. Each of the Pteranodons order fish. Then Buddy, with disquieting enthusiasm, responds to “What would you like Buddy?” with “Raaaawwww MEAT.”

However, this comes in second to when the Pteranodon family meets a dinosaur whose primary prey is…Pteranodons. Being the ever open-minded, non-judgmental family, they engage the creature in dialogue, but only after being assured “It’s okay, I’ve already eaten today.” Oh..okay, Jeffrey Dahmer, then let’s chat!


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