Weekly Breakdown: The magical world of movies

• Mother Jones released a secret video of Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser in May, where he stated that he would not seek the votes of the 47% of Americans that paid no income taxes and were dependent on government. Outrage ensued, and President Obama responded forcefully, saying you can’t become president when “writing off a big chunk of the country.” He continued, “You see, the key is to identify a much smaller sliver of the country, like the top 1 or 2%, and demonize them in order to rally the rest of the country around you in an envy stoked fury. That’s how you become president.”

• Republicans pounced on a different video, one from 1998 that has President Obama declaring, “I believe in redistribution.” Republicans believe that the video provides an unsettling snapshot of his true ideology. “His comments give the impression that Obama wants to ‘spread the wealth around’. No way he gets elected after saying something like that,” said Joe Wurzelbacher, or as he now goes by, Joe the Very Sarcastic Plumber.

• Tensions continued to rise between China and Japan this week as the result of a territorial dispute regarding the Senkaku Islands. When asked for comment, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney emphatically stated, “While the administration still believes that any escalation into violence is unacceptable, these rising tensions are clearly the result of a disgusting and reprehensible movie that mocks a great people’s history with vicious stereotyping, depicting Asian-American sorcerers who kidnap young women. I’m of course talking about Big Trouble in Little China.” Continue reading