Weekly Breakdown: Republicans Convene

• In a subtly brilliant dig at climate change hysterics who cite models predicting what the global temperatures will be 100 years from now, Republicans cancelled the first day of their convention based on flawed weather reports that couldn’t predict the local conditions 3 days in advance.

• Regarding the convention occurring while a hurricane was closing in on Louisiana, Yahoo’s news chief was caught on an open mic saying that Mitt Romney “was happy to have a party while black people drown.” He was quickly fired for endorsing the stereotype the black people can’t swim.

• Republican convention speakers included New Mexico governor Susanna Martinez, Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, as well as Utah congressional candidate Mia Love, former Democrat Arthur Davis, and Condoleeza Rice, whose speech was hailed as the best of the convention. Democrats scoffed at the notion that this shows Republican ideas appeal to a wide range of racial groups, with Joe Biden arguing that none of the speakers were “articulate and bright and clean“, and Harry Reid asking, “Can any of them even speak in a Negro dialect if necessary?Continue reading