In Defense of Ann Romney: Response to an open letter from J.A.M.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney ...A few days ago, there was an extremely snarky post trending on called “An open letter to Ann Romney.”  Someone who identified herself as “Just Another Mom” (or as we’ll address her henceforth: JAM) wrote a letter which emblemized the snide self-righteousness that many liberals use as a bludgeon against their opponents in lieu of argument and reason.  JAM’s angst would be better directed toward women such as these girls.

Ann Romney herself would be much too classy to respond to such a cheap attack, and the act would be beneath her.  Fortunately, for old Frick, these are not concerns.  So for Mrs. Romney, cancer-survivor & M.S. sufferer, mother of five boys turned upstanding men, and potential First Lady of the United States, I respond:

Dear JAM,

Perhaps you can advise me.  I see that you’re in some difficult circumstances in your life and that you face some serious challenges.  It’s unfortunate you’ve chosen to project your frustration onto a public woman who hasn’t said an ill word about you or presumed to preach to you how to live your life.  Lashing out at others for where you find yourself in life is a disappointing and unproductive exercise.

While I don’t know the particulars of how you’ve come to be in your situation, whether through death of a spouse or unavoidable alienation from the rest of your family, your situational isolation is illustrative of the tragic social upheaval caused by postmodern progressivism and its deleterious effect on 21st century American culture and economics.  However, since we cannot time travel and reverse the various environmental factors leading to your situation, such as the consistent election of Democrats, I will attempt to address your concerns as best I can.  Continue reading