The devastating impact of the Christie/Ryan speeches

Paul Ryan delivering in the VP Slot at the 2012 RNCPaul Ryan smiled. Again. The boyish grin, the inside joke, all on Obama. Do I look like the guy who would chuck my own mother off a cliff? I get choked up just talking about her. Would I chuck away any grandmother for that matter?

The Obama campaign’s steady barrage of ad hominem attack ads prove that the 2012 election is going to hinge upon the premise that Obama has failed. However, the sitting president will only be ousted if voters find Mitt Romney to be an acceptable alternative.

Understanding this reality, Democrats have themselves gone to rhetorical extremes to paint the Republicans as extremist. A Romney administration would kill old people, crush young people, diminish women, and chain minorities, all to preserve the affluent lifestyle of rich, middle-age, Christian white men.

In light of this, the Republicans are using the convention as an opportunity to show their true brand: young, diverse, idea-driven innovators who have successfully implemented at the state level the same reforms that Romney would implement nationally. That is why Paul Ryan is the VP candidate and not Tim Pawlenty or Rob Portman.

These young, reform-driven Republicans implore voters: Give us a chance.

However, voters fear the unknown, and they don’t know these Republican reformers.

Movies sometimes build suspense using shadows. When a group of terrified teenagers dashes down an alley and finds a growing shadow with razor teeth looming in front of them, they tuck tail and run or stand paralyzed awaiting certain doom. When the shadow’s source emerges, and they see it’s just a friend, the group sighs in collective relief as they realize that the specter was nothing but a trick of the light passing over his umbrella. Continue reading