NYT holds auditions for their new play, titled ‘Some Enraged Women’

Wooo boy! Just starting up here at biasbreakdown and manna fell from heaven. Here’s a great example to kick off the site, from the New York Times, where we expect to get a ton of our material.
For starters, how about that lady in the picture? She shows up under a headline that says “Centrist Women”, but she’s wearing a bandanna. No one who wears a bandanna is a centrist; they are always on one of the extremes. Furthermore, you aren’t a moderate Republican one day, find out Republicans don’t want to make Catholic colleges pay for contraception the next, and the following day are holding up signs demanding the “War on Women” stop. That chain of events has never once happened.
And forget just anecdotal bias… the whole article is a classic example of the media having their narrative set ahead of time, and then holding auditions for people to play the assigned parts:
“In Iowa, one of the crucial battlegrounds in the coming presidential election, and in other states, dozens of interviews in recent weeks have found that moderate Republican and independent women…
Oh good, just the moderates/independents, we Conservatives still got the crazies in our corner!
 — one of the most important electoral swing groups — are disenchanted by the Republican focus on social issues like contraception and abortion in an election that, until recently, had been mostly dominated by the economy.
Republican focus??? I’m pretty sure everyone was getting all the contraception and abortions they needed until Obama (Democrat, The President) came along and demanded that wasn’t good enough, and that Bishops had to start bankrolling it.
And in what appears to be an abrupt shift,…
You sure you want to go there? Because I’m pretty sure in two paragraphs you’re gonna say that it’s still “unclear” or “not conclusive”.
…some Republican-leaning women like Ms. Russell said they might switch sides and vote for Mr. Obama — if they turn out to vote at all…
Congratulations, you found “some… women” in a country of 300 million. I bet I could find more people who think the the world is going to end in December. Doesn’t make it worth commenting on from a political perspective.
The sudden return of the “culture wars” over the rights of women and their place in society…
A bit of an overstatement, no?
…has resulted, the women said, in a distinct change in mood in the past several weeks. That shift adds yet another element of uncertainty to a race that has been defined by unpredictability, at least for Republicans.
To what extent women feel alienated remains unclear:…
 Ah, there it is.
…most interviews for this article were conducted from a randomly generated list of voters who had been surveyed in a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, and their responses are anecdotal, not conclusive…
Not conclusive? No way, I don’t believe it. Don’t do that to me. But you sounded so convincing!
But the latest comments from the Republican candidates and in the right-wing media, aimed at energizing the party’s conservative base,…
Why do I feel like this person is completely unqualified to comment on Republican/conservative political strategy?
…have been enraging to some women.
I’m sure “some women” were all enraged by the comments, and the NYT’s coverage didn’t stoke the flames at all.
After the talk show host Rush Limbaugh denounced a Georgetown University law student as a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her advocacy of insurance coverage of contraception, some women…
Seriously, at what point should they just form their own club? We can then capitalize Some Women, and they may even qualify for tax breaks. And can the media please stop identifying Sandra Fluke as a “law student”, as if that’s more relevant than the fact that she’s a committed pro-choice activist?  By her own account, that’s the reason she became a Georgetown law student in the first place.

4 thoughts on “NYT holds auditions for their new play, titled ‘Some Enraged Women’

  1. So Republican women now hate Republicans. Since the Republicans are waging war on women, would this qualify as a civil war or a rebellion? Are these angry Republican women now ‘freedom fighters’?


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