Never Forget?

We must never forget what happened to us on September 11, 2001Never Forget? It took us 11 years.

Most forgetful are those placing even an ounce of blame for murderous terrorism on a “filmmaker”. Who was the “filmmaker” before the original 9/11? We didn’t spend time pandering to perverse rationales then, so why are we talking about a “filmmaker” now?

Who is the “filmmaker” for the latest Afghan army member who turned his gun on his American Marine counterparts after sharing dinner with them?

The madman who committed the Fort Hood massacre, did he have a “filmmaker”?

Imagine taking a time machine back to September 12, 2001, and telling an aggrieved New Yorker that 11 years later, Muslims would attack a US consulate, murder four Americans, and part of the Secretary of State’s response would include condemning a goofy, anti-Islamic video as “reprehensible”, thus legitimizing the supposed cause-and-effect relationship it had with murder. When he was done suppressing his rage and disbelief, he’d probably just say, “Oh. So we forgot.”

Make no mistake, the only difference with this year’s September 11th terrorist attack on America and its citizens was capability, not desire or motivation. If those who pre-planned and executed the attack were able to, they would have been Continue reading