Climate Change: There they go again…

Climate change

(Photo credit: jeancliclac)

Steve Zwick starts his column in Forbes with a great analogy comparing an addict’s mentality to the Democrat overspending that threatens to destroy the most prosperous and free society in the history of civilization:

Every former addict seems to remember the moment he decided to change: maybe he woke up in prison, or in the hospital; or maybe he injured someone, or lost his job. Whatever the cause, something forces him to accept that his actions have consequences, and that those consequences will lead to disaster for him and others if he doesn’t alter his behavior. Then, in the best of cases – and if it’s not too late – he fixes himself.

What? He’s not talking about overspending?  Climate change “deniers”, you say? Here we go again….

Remember the great horse manure crisis of the late 19th century and the radical alteration of American society to fix it? Continue reading