7 movies that inspired Occupy Wall Street

At the Occupy London protest, a man wearing a ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Word is spreading that Occupy Wall Street protestors are planning ‘global disruption’ for International Workers’ Day. Many will be wearing Guy Fawkes masks popularized by V for Vendetta, a movie so ridiculously awful that it remains the only one where I’ve walked out of the theatre halfway through. In that spirit, here are seven more movies from which Occupiers have drawn inspiration, and their not so great results.

1. Rounders
Occupy protestors slowly filled up every seat of the Caesars Palace poker room in Atlantic City. Once in place, they then took turns folding every hand to the big blind. Occupiers were thrilled to offer this example of everyone operating in a way that ensured financial equality, with no winner or losers. However, they made one embarrassing oversight, and had to leave after the casino had siphoned off all their money through the rake. So maybe there were losers, but at least everyone shared in the misery!

2. Moneyball
Occupiers were inspired by Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane achieving success on a small budget through identification of market inefficiencies. They sat around for days trying to think up new, outside-the-box ways to efficiently distribute money across society. After hours upon hours of drawing blanks, they decided to call it quits after one member in a deep trance blurted out “I got it! Capitalism!” and another recommended hiring a Wall Street financial analyst as a consultant.