Weekly Breakdown: The end is near

• The presidential debate on foreign policy was held Monday night, and basically Mitt Romney played that game where you repeat everything someone says until that person starts to get really annoyed.

• The day after the debate, President Obama released his creepily titled new book, “The New Economic Patriotism:  A Plan for Jobs and Middle Class Security”.  His last campaign book was 464 pages and covered the next 50 months. This most recent book is 20 pages.  Republicans are hopeful that the proportionality is a sign of his impending defeat, while Democrats are scoffing that it is meaningless… well, except for Dennis Kucinich, who pulled out both his pocket calculator and pocket Mayan calendar before audibly gasping.

• Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock clumsily phrased his response to a debate question about abortion, which sounded as though he thought a rape that caused pregnancy was something “God intended to happen”, when he meant to say the resulting human life was. When reached for comment, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin replied, “Pregnancy from rape? If something impossible happens then of course God intended it. It’s called a miracle, dummies!”  

• In a Libya scandal that gets more depressing by the day, emails were released showing that the White House was made aware just two hours after the attack that a terrorist group had claimed credit. Defending themselves, the White House said that when it saw the email came from Africa, they immediately deleted it, assuming it was just another billionaire Nigerian prince thanking Joe Biden for providing all of his personal information for a “mutually profitable opportunity”.

• In Italy, six scientists were sentenced to jail for not properly communicating to the public the possibility of an earthquake, which occurred soon after, killing 300 people. Critical in the case was the prosecution’s surprise witness, noted natural disaster expert Kanye West, who testified, “Those geologists don’t care about Italian people.”  Continue reading