CNN outsources immigration reporting to La Raza

Anyone else have that guy at work who tells incoherent stories in which he makes self-promoting claims rife with blatant factual errors, only no one calls him out on it because that would just make things even more awkward? Just me? Anyway, CNN’s story on Arizona and their immigration law is kind of like that guy:

(CNN) — The biggest change in Arizona since the state adopted a tough immigration enforcement policy two years ago has been a more tolerant climate for immigrants, representatives from several groups said Monday.

I didn’t realize there were climate change provisions in the bill. Must have been one of those comprehensive solutions. Next we hear from one of the title’s ambiguous “several groups”:

“There has been a change in Arizona, without a doubt,” said Clarissa Martinez, director of immigration for the National Council of La Raza, which led a coalition of civil rights groups in a tourism boycott of the state after SB 1070 became law in the spring of 2010.

Translation: An activist member of the racialist group La Raza, which in English means “The Race”, self-servingly claimed the boycott she helped organize was a success. In a similar story, a Wal-Mart greeter requested a substantial raise, citing the “spending crazy aura” engendered by her smile. Continue reading