The hilarity of reopening old, painful wounds

Even celebrities who are normally hilarious are not immune to the siren call of unoriginal musings on the GOP’s latent evil:

The above is a tweet by the usually very funny Seth Rogen. (The next day he tweeted, “Your pinky is the smallest finger but is capable of holding the biggest secrets.” Now that’s funny.)

The KKK line soon made the rounds on Facebook, gaining surely smirking “likes”. The only problem is that “Keep America American” is not Romney’s slogan. According to (the only honest fact-checker left), Romney never even used those words. A NY Times blog (which was forced to issue a correction) misquoted him regarding a point about not following Europe into a fiscal apocalypse.

These sorts of phony trends don’t just emerge from celebrities. Obama has criticized Republicans as the party better fit for the last century, yet his campaign and their acolytes in the media consistently reopen 50-year-old wounds over racism and women’s rights. Continue reading