An upbeat optimist’s bright side take on election night’s silver linings

Some are feeling down about Obama getting reelected after a tumultuous four-year term and the hard left electoral realignment that it foreshadows. But unlike those negative Nancies, I prefer to look on the bright side of things. Here are some reasons I couldn’t be more excited about last night’s results:

Sex is now legally safe
For anyone who’s always wanted a career in the porn industry but just couldn’t get over their STD fears… fear no more! Los Angeles voted in favor of forcing porn actors to wear condoms. With this referendum being passed, it will finally be safe to be filmed having sex with strangers. What a relief that young ladies everywhere can join the porn industry without having to worry about any negative consequences. Even better, the countdown to the first national story about a teacher using a porno to teach sex education can officially commence, and be shortly followed by the countdown to that becoming the new national standard set by the Department of Education. Male teenagers everywhere rejoice!

The possibility of total societal collapse
We all saw what happened to Greece when they, like our recently reelected president and his zero-vote-receiving budgets, stopped acting like worker benefits and spending had to have any relation to reality: deadly rioting, former well off people picking food out of dumpster, you name it. Well get ready for that on a much larger scale, and with a much higher percentage of people with guns! That may sound frightening, but think about how boring your Office Space style existence is. You probably get up and drive to work everyday on your paved roads in your car filled with easily attainable gas. Get home to your picture perfect family, watch Dancing with the Stars and then hop online to see pictures of other people’s kids or if anyone liked your new Pinterest page… bleh…. who wants that? When the federal government’s bankruptcy leads to a total societal breakdown in law, order, commerce, and infrastructure, that garden in your backyard may no longer be just a hobby but necessary for survival. Ever hunted squirrels before? Because that might also get added to your honey-do list. And who knows, maybe you’ll be the one chosen to lead your local gang/cult/resistance up from the ruins. Dystopias may have their drawbacks, but at least they’re interesting, right?

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