Governor Christie’s Bias Against Corruption

There are stories where the NYTimes is so overt in its bias that it’s almost too easy to criticize. But way more often, the bias is subtle and unintentional. That’s when you really need the experts here to break it down for you. For example, today’s Reuters story on a study of state government corruption levels:
As a prime example of how scandals can lead to reform, New Jersey got a “B+” despite a reputation for corruption that saw Governor Chris Christie bust more than 100 public officials while a U.S. attorney, earning him a reputation as a tough-talking conservative.
We’ll ignore the fact that it took them halfway through the article to point out who is NJ governor (a conservative Republican). Christie puts a virtual and literal target on his back by going out and busting over 100 corrupt public officials, and that just makes him “a tough talking conservative”? Continue reading