Barack Obama’s Country for Kids Who Can’t Add Good

Zoolander and Hansel ponder Matilda's wordsObama’s fundamental transformation of America will hit a new stage when he hires the 100,000 math and science teachers he promised during the 2012 presidential campaign.

What does this mean?

It means we’ll have 2,000 more teachers for each state, one more teacher for every 500 school-age children, and 6,250 more school administrators to oversee these teachers.

One drawback to this math boom exists.

If all these extra teachers generate an uptick in the arithmetical acumen of Obama’s followers, Democrat voters who want to soak the “rich” may actually start doing the math.

This means:

Democrat voters may figure out that taxing the “rich” even at French tax rates wouldn’t cover half of one annual Obama budget.

Democrat voters may figure out the ongoing and exponential increases of unfunded liabilities in Medicare and Social Security mean that if Harry Reid keeps preventing the programs from being re-structured, he’ll soon be protecting the cooked meat of these sacred cows.

Democrat voters may figure out the absurdity of the current fiscal cliff conversation, which revolves around a class warfare argument over Grover Norquist and a few billion dollars in additional tax revenue (theoretically). We’d instead be talking about the $8 trillion a year it will take to keep just Medicare and Social Security going and that the combined gross annual income of every individual in the country making over $66,193 is only $5.1 trillion.

For those who haven’t been educated yet by Obama’s new teachers, that’s a $2.9 trillion gap.

It reminds me of this distillation of the ongoing state of affairs in the Middle East:

If every Arab in the Middle East laid down his weapon, there would be peace in the Middle East. If every Israeli laid down his (or her) weapon, Israel would be annihilated.

Likewise, if government stopped all spending, the deficit problem would be solved. If government confiscated the gross annual income of every individual in the country making over $66,193, the deficit would destroy our country.

In a sane world, politicians would cut every last dollar of government spending they could in order to bring financial order back to an entitlement-happy society. After government’s debilitating spending habits were slashed or restructured, only then would the conversation shift to taxes and revenue to make up the gap.

Nameplate for center for kids who can't read goodOf course, this isn’t a sane world. It’s the world in which it’s Israel’s fault for every ill in Palestine and Republicans are evil and stupid for wanting to cut spending.

Education matters. We’re talking root causes here. Considering how it would elevate the national political debate, improving the knowledge base and academic skill sets of our children should be the prime goal of every conservative and Republican in America. Get the kids some good schools, and put Joe Biden back in his playpen.

Liberals spent the entire presidential campaign complaining that Romney was from the 1950s, but the current Democrat-endorsed education model is centuries old. Getting the kids laptops doesn’t make the schools modern. That’s like sticking a GPS in a 1985 Yugo and calling it a modern car.

Republicans Bobby Jindal and Jeb Bush seem to get this, and are attacking the political root cause by taking on the status quo. Jeb Bush, chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education Reform, said at the group’s national summit in D.C. on Tuesday that “we have a system to reward teachers that’s based on an industrialized, unionized model that is completely inappropriate for the 21st century.” (For those pushing presidential buzz for the guy, please remember: Dynasties are only cool in sports and ancient China.) Bobby Jindal has passed serious school choice reforms in Louisiana, even though an activist judge just arbitrarily struck these reforms down. However, the momentum is still on the side of reformers as two more states’ voters, ideologically disparate Washington and Georgia, passed school choice reforms in the 2012 election.

Just like Obama in the fiscal cliff talks, the National Education Association and its army of teachers are interested in power, not solutions. With common cause, they indoctrinate our children to be Democrat voters and turn the future intellectual elite into a bunch of Obama drones. An incredible 96% of Ivy League professors’ donations went to Obama. So much for intellectual dynamism and diversity on our nation’s campuses. Guess what they’re teaching your kids?

The only time Democrats support diversity of choice, it’s as a heavily regulated step away from free-market solutions and toward single-payer solutions, such as the state insurance exchanges set up under Obamacare. Why do Democrats tout choice for our healthcare but not our children’s educations? They never really answer that question in between cries of “racist!”

School choice is a good step. Make schools compete for students. Parents will be able to evaluate their children’s education in the context of several options. It will force teachers and school administrators to tailor their systems to meet the needs of the parents and not the needs of power-hungry leaders in teachers unions or the sensibilities of liberal elites in the media and academia.

Two minutes hate of Republicans by ObamaThen, hopefully, a more educated America will be able to tell the difference between political posturing, such as Obama’s current fiscal cliff negotiating position, and serious solutions to problems, such as the House Republican budgets of the past several years.

In the meantime, if we go over the fiscal cliff, get ready for Obama to launch daily “two-minute hate” rallies against the Republicans using a pliable and susceptible group of devoted followers brainwashed to his worldview since grammar school.

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