Benghazi, coming to a theatre near you

Life is good when you’re the celebrity-in-chief. In the week leading up to the election, Obama’s starring role alongside Chris Christie in Hurricane Relief: The Superstorm Sandy Story  helped him cruise to a second term. And today the Associated Press, which now has their Hollywood staff covering him full time, reports on some positive trends in Obama’s attempt to recover from his directorial debut, the box office flop Benghazi:

Obama may get chance to end Benghazi PR disaster

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House could finally have its chance to close the books on its Benghazi public relations disaster, as key Republicans signal they might not stand in the way of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to become the next secretary of state.

Phew… Ms. Rice sure lucked out on this one. Republican movie critics were much less forgiving with Jennifer Lopez after Gigli.

Rice is widely seen as President Barack Obama’s top pick to replace Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as the nation’s top diplomat. But Rice’s reputation took a serious hit this fall when she relied on unclassified talking points provided by the intelligence community that portrayed the attack in Benghazi, Libya, as a spontaneous assault by a mob angered by an anti-Muslim video posted on YouTube.

She “relied” on the lines fed to her by the director, just like any actress would. Hardly seems fair for Republicans to hold that against her. No one blames Natalie Portman for the dreadful romantic dialogue in the most recent Star Wars trilogy.  Why should there be a different standard set for Susan Rice?

Intelligence officials quickly amended their assessment to conclude the attack hadn’t been related to other film protests across the Middle East. But that revised narrative was slow to reach the public, prompting Republicans to allege a White House cover-up ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

Pointing out that the “quickly amended assessment” was “slow to reach the public” because Susan Rice went on 5 different talk shows 5 whole days later and described a version of events that completely ignored the “revised narrative” would just be politicizing movies, which is how those Middle Eastern film critics started this Benghazi mess in the first place. Besides, promotional tours are what big stars like Susan Rice do.

The attack killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, a State Department computer specialist and two former Navy SEALs who were working as contract security guards.

Wait… people died? That sounds serious. Also a tad bit offensive referring to it as a “public relations disaster”. A PR disaster is when you say that 47% of Americans can’t be convinced to vote for you. This Benghazi massacre sounds more like one of those infamous “man-caused disasters”, coupled with disastrous incompetency by the administration both before and after the event.

Luckily for Obama, it seems those types of disasters no longer cost you elections, because the show must go on.

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