A conservative train of thought

Democrats are looking to push a new ‘Robin Hood’ tax on Wall Street transactions. Lovable outlaw Robin Hood may have been surprised to find out that he was an IRS agent collecting revenue for King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Arguments for the Buffett Rule and Robin Hood taxes are that they are part of the solution for solving the debt problem, that ‘every last bit helps.’ Then isn’t the reverse true for every government program line item and every dollar taxed out of the private sector? That every last bit hurts?

Why are so many liberal Catholics willing to hand their lives over to government, but resent the Church issuing moral guidelines?

Politicians like to wrap compulsory and onerous policy ideas in the colorful wrapping paper of ‘choice’ and ‘diversity.’ The only ‘choice’ involved ends up being the politician’s.  

The modern conception of social democracy seems to be a merging of socialism and feudalism, but with the serfs getting to elect the people who will abuse and control them.

There is a stronger correlation between ‘pragmatism’ and ‘rule by decree’ than between ‘pragmatism’ and the ‘rule of law’.

Too often in public preferences, current trend lines are confused with inevitability.

Some people saw the end of the space shuttle era as a sign of willful American decline. But with Virgin Galactic sprouting up in the private sector for space tourism, perhaps it’s not the end of the U.S., but a symbolic transition from costly and inefficient government solutions to private ones.

Aren’t Congressman and Senators technically lobbyists for special interests, the special interest being the state or district from which they hail? Isn’t Harry Reid a lobbyist for the special interests of Nevada and Nancy Pelosi for San Francisco? Remember this the next time a politician demonizes special interests, right before bragging about the money he brought back to his district.

Why should social security be pegged to inflation but not to life expectancy?

The rule of law is meant to keep society unified and protect individual freedom. The world of law is not to be entered into like a weapons cache to decide which rifle you will use to take down your opponents.

If the only way my enemy could fit mortar shells into his tubes was by using grease, and I had an opportunity to destroy the grease, then I would. This is the problem with earmarks. They aren’t much, but they are the grease that loads and fires mortar shells like Obamacare.

All government expenditures are transfer payments from private citizens to other parts of society. There are no exceptions.

Even if the UN were to turn into a worldwide democracy where every country gets one vote, these democratic means would provide undemocratic results. Turning the U.N. into a democracy in this manner would be like turning the prison system into a democracy and giving the inmates and prison guards each one vote.

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