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Popular program helps poor, black kids graduate; Obama eliminates funding

In his most recent SOTU address, President Obama called for a law that would require kids to stay in school until they’re 18. His budget includes an 11% increase in educational spending in the next year. He’s willing to mandate, and he’s willing to spend, but he’s not willing to empower Washington, DC parents to make a choice that will help their kids graduate.
Today the Washington Post gives us the bare minimum information on this issue, and frames it in a way that makes Obama’s decision to cut a program with high parent satisfaction seem innocuous.  These statements bookend the article: Read more…

Back to the Future – Obama’s Weekly Address

WASHINGTON – President Obama gave a truly fascinating Weekly Address today. After criticizing Rutherford B. Hayes earlier this week for not “looking forward”, today he took a subtle shot at the plot of the first Superman movie when he credited the US for not trying to reverse the forward progression of time.
So that’s the choice we face – the past, or the future.  And America is what it is today because we have always placed our bets on the future.
Earlier, in a shocking admission, Obama stated that, as a candidate in 2008, he had an unserious energy plan that was only intended to gain votes: Read more…

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