The Senior Seminar Presidency

President Barack Obama meets with the Conferen...

Inspired by the staggering success of his Debt Atrocity Prevention Board, more commonly known as the Bowles-Simpson commission, Obama is again pandering by touting another stalling mechanism he can use to vote present. He’s now promoting his Atrocities Prevention Board, another taxpayer-funded bureaucracy he executive-ordered into existence last August.

Like all difficult issues, from study groups in jobs creation to commissions on deficit reduction, the surest sign Obama intends to definitively do nothing on a difficult issue is when he forcefully pens into existence another senior seminar.

April 19th was the 237th anniversary of ‘the shot heard round the world’. 75 militiamen stood on the village green in Lexington in defiance of the 700 British regulars bearing down on them. How differently would that day have turned out if instead of marching out to the village green with their rifles, the townsfolk had convened a ‘British Colonial Incursion Prevention Board’? We’d still be toasting the queen. Continue reading