Republicans march kids ten miles, through six feet of snow, uphill….both ways

Governor Rick Perry of Texas at a book signing...

When a NY Times article on state cuts to school districts in Texas opens with a high school kid trudging two miles through mud to get to school, well…we know what we’re in for:

School buses passed by 16-year-old Aubrey Sandifer as he walked home one recent afternoon in this rural town northeast of Austin.

If Democrats had initiated the cuts, we’d be hearing about the positives of the latest ‘anti-obesity’ campaign and how forty minutes of walking reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and laziness.  Instead, the tires of the evil 1% Republicans are once again splashing mud on the hopes of the 99%.

Another question raised by this opening statement: are these trials and tribulations a case of budget crunching or inefficient planning by a bloated bureaucracy?  Of all these school buses that ‘passed-by’ Mr. Sandifer, none could give poor Aubrey a ride?  At least cut his walk in half?  Continue reading