Forgotten Wars

Nuclear bomb detonates at the end of episode 4.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the Democrats and their media allies exploited last year’s tragedy in Tucson to non sequitur into a lecture on civility, liberals made countless calls for the end of martial rhetoric in political discourse.  It looks like that ceasefire has ended, as Dems have been firebombing the electorate with exhortations of a Republican “War on Women”, riding like Paul Revere yelling “The Republicans are coming… for your contraception!”  Having heard the battle horn sounded, and been preemptively attacked, I’d like to highlight five other “Wars” that the Liberal/Democrat/Media evil axis has given minimal attention.  Put ’em in the crosshairs, so to speak.

1. War on Christians
Boy, that Arab Spring sure was exciting.  Ruthless dictators were overthrown basically on the strength of social media alone.  Didn’t Mubarak step down due to bullying tweets sent his way by coffeehouse protestors?  Not sure I’m remembering that correctly.  Either way, I assume freedom and democracy-for-all took his place.  What’s that? Christians are now being oppressed across the Middle East?  Coptic Christians in Egypt are being forced to flee from their homes, or worse, murdered?  Why is this getting less attention than Mitt Romney’s dog’s motion sickness in the 1980s?

2. War on Parental Choice and Poor Children

We’ve covered Obama’s disregard for the graduation rates of poor, black children previously.  Nationwide, Democrats act as mercenaries for the teacher unions, conducting a war against parental choice of where their kids are allowed to go to school.

3. War on the Wealthy
I wouldn’t shed any tears for high earners if they had to pay a few more percentage points in income tax.  While I will be offended from the perspective that it would increase government power and thus make the economy less efficient, that’s not what really gets me either.  No, I’m most bothered that we’re $16 trillion in debt, and the president’s strategy is to ratchet up the envy, targeting our greatest generators of wealth, who are already responsible for over half of all tax revenues.  As if the rest of the electorate is a victim of their forced generosity. The meager revenue the “Buffett Rule” would generate is farcical ($4.76 billion yearly) when compared to our deficit.  But also ponder that the Dem’s solution to the nation’s horribly mismanaged finances is to take more money from those who historically have managed it well, and give it to the clowns who made us broke… and also to give some to clowns.

4. War on Budgeting
Speaking of mismanaged finances, the Democrats have not fulfilled their legal obligation to pass a budget in 3 years.  As a matter of fact, just this week Democratic Senator Kent Conrad proposed a budget… and got embarrassed by the majority leader in his own party.  This War on Budgeting has to stop!

5. War on Fetuses

In the United States, 1.2 million fetuses are killed every year, 3300 a day. Democrats have also conducted a war on language as they perpetuate the lie that abortion is a “choice” necessary for women’s empowerment.

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