NYT holds auditions for their new play, titled ‘Some Enraged Women’

Wooo boy! Just starting up here at biasbreakdown and manna fell from heaven. Here’s a great example to kick off the site, from the New York Times, where we expect to get a ton of our material.
For starters, how about that lady in the picture? She shows up under a headline that says “Centrist Women”, but she’s wearing a bandanna. No one who wears a bandanna is a centrist; they are always on one of the extremes. Furthermore, you aren’t a moderate Republican one day, find out Republicans don’t want to make Catholic colleges pay for contraception the next, and the following day are holding up signs demanding the “War on Women” stop. That chain of events has never once happened.
And forget just anecdotal bias… the whole article is a classic example of the media having their narrative set ahead of time, and then holding auditions for people to play the assigned parts: