By any means necessary: Judicial insurgent guns down Walker’s reforms

Progressive zombies assaulted Wisconsin, but one judge did more damage.When progressives confront an ideology, politician, or legal reform they don’t like, their strategy of choice is shock and awe. Recruit cashflow. Key the social networking into the dark corners of cyberspace to mobilize zombie legions of astroturf activists with a punditocracy of screeching harpies providing cover fire. This army swarms its target, sometimes leaving such carnage in its wake that progressives’ own allies will flee a state rather than stand tall in the chaos.

When Wisconsin voters elected Scott Walker in 2010 to save the state, they likely thought their part complete. The majority had spoken, and it issued a mandate by giving Walker 52% of the vote. For good measure, the electorate threw liberal stalwart Russ Feingold out of the U.S. Senate to confirm the shift in political mood and to show that Walker was no fluke. The legitimately elected governor made good on his mandate and tackled Wisconsin’s exploding debt crisis through the legitimate legislative process.

Then came the zombie legions.   Continue reading