Obama’s new SuperPAC: the Associated Press

United (States) Parcel Service.

Who needs to pay for advertisements when the press will roll out your talking points in a campaign memo…er, AP story:

President Barack Obama’s campaign accused Republican Mitt Romney of siding with “Big Oil” in a new television ad released Monday, signaling an escalation of a general election campaign and a vigorous debate over gas prices.”In all these fights, Mitt Romney’s stood with Big Oil – for their tax breaks, attacking higher mileage standards and renewables,” the Obama campaign said in the new ad…

It noted that the American Energy Alliance was run by a former lobbyist for Koch Industries, an industrial firm whose top executives are Charles and David Koch, both prominent supporters of conservative causes.

HotAir nicely takes down the hypocrisy of Obama and Priorities USA Action in following this line of attack, but here, we want to focus on the absurdity of today’s AP story in the context of this Politico article from February 6thContinue reading