Occupy Foreclosed Homes… wait, that actually makes sense!

Foreclosure Sign, Mortgage Crisis

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stopped clocks are right twice a day, and economic nihilists occasionally stumble upon sound supply-and-demand solutions.

Case in point: Occupy groups, apparently recognizing the unpleasantness of living in an outdoor public place with other dirty hippies, are in search of alternate lodgings. Their new hangout? Foreclosed homes. Holy moly that actually makes a lot of sense! They are looking for somewhere to occupy, and foreclosed homes are looking for residents. Why didn’t we think of this a long time ago? Let’s draw up the paperwork, problem solved. Oh wait… they seem to have something else in mind:

Fighting foreclosures and evictions, activists say, gives the disparate movement a unifying focus and embodies its anti-Wall Street message… “This cause,” she said, “brings together everything that we are fighting against – corporate greed, bank bail outs, a corrupt judiciary and corrupt government.”

Yep, same old economic nihilism. The Occupians continue to rail incoherently against the fact that reality can be disappointing. Instead of ignoring the fools, or criticizing the lawbreakers, Reuters decides to indulge them with free publicity. The authors attempt to gain sympathy for the cause by starting the story with a heartbreaking anecdote told in the saddest possible way:  Continue reading