Lindsey Graham, The Negotiator

When Lindsey Graham went to buy his first car, he told the salesman, “Listen, I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend more than $10K, but I don’t want to come off as a hard ass, and the reality is that I could go as high as $12K and still be able to afford the payments.”

During the recent NBA lockout, he advised the Players Association, “Look, I know every percentage point of revenue split means tens of millions of dollar, and the owners aren’t being entirely fair with their proposal. But my recommendation is that you make an announcement that your “hard” 52% position is actually flexible, and you’re not actually willing to suspend the season. After all, what’s $100 million or so when the cost is that the owners’ families will accuse you of being unreasonable?”

Maybe those two incidents never actually happened, but they do approximate Lindsey Graham’s strategy for negotiating with Democrats over how to address our national fiscal crisis, as reported by Yahoo News:

“Top Conservative says read my lips: Don’t sign ‘no new tax’ pledge”

Let’s stop there. I probably should have warned you earlier that we’re entering an alternate universe where Lindsey Graham is considered a “Top Conservative”. Continuing: Continue reading