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The Origin of Net Neutrality


Say No to Net NeutralityThe Origin of Net Neutrality explained:

For those of you who aren’t aware, the FCC is currently planning on enforcing Net Neutrality via Title II from the Telecommunications Act of 1934. So not only is the FCC exposing taxpayers to $11 billion in new taxes on Internet access as part of their new rules, but they’re planning to do it by taking control of the Internet using a blunt force object that’s been rusting over for the past eighty years.  But no worries. I’m sure that under the government the Internet will be just as well maintained and modernized as our power grid, or our roads and bridges, or our…

The Only Way Obama Will Ever Be Robin Hood


Universal Power

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet


Thanos isn’t alone.


Glass Houses

Glass Houses

John Holdren says Global Warming Will Save Us From the Next Ice Age

The word bubbles are the actual quotes from National Science Adviser John Holdren’s online Q&A on YouTube. The link is here. Partial transcription is here.

The Root Cause of Global Warming

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