Video Breakdown of the Wisconsin Recall “Democracy is dead” Guy

Today is the site’s first breakdown of a video, as well as our first breakdown of someone breaking down. If you need more motivation to enthusiastically get behind Romney for the upcoming presidential campaign, look no further than this video, which will be the approximate tone and level of grace that we can expect from an Obama concession speech:

Onto our second by second breakdown of this instant classic:

0:00 – “This hurts us all. Every single one of you out there in the nation, if you’re watching.”
Being that you’re on CNN, no, no one’s watching. But don’t worry, thanks to the internet you’ll go viral by morning… although not for the reasons you’re hoping. The only hurt being felt by all will be their sides, which will be splitting from laughter.

0:04 – “Democracy died tonight.”
Two popular elections in less than 2 years, the second one setting turnout records (with some liberal areas obliterating them), signals democracy’s death? Does he also exasperatingly declare  “Football died tonight” at the end of each Superbowl?

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