The Media’s Unnatural Selection


“Media bias lies in selection — what you choose to cover and what you choose to ignore. Accuracy is a problem. But selection is the big manifestation of bias. It’s possible to be 100 percent accurate — white-glove clean — and yet loaded with bias.”  – Jay Nordlinger

So at the end of today, we’ve learned from sworn Congressional testimony from recently fired/resigned/leaving-anyway IRS commissioner Steve Miller that a spontaneous YouTube video demonstration, er, I mean a spontaneous press conference question, in which Lois Lerner disclosed that the IRS had targeted political enemies, was actually a terrorist attack, er, a staged question.

From today’s hearing:

Rep Nunes asked, “Was her question to Ms. Lerner about targeting certain groups planned in advance?”

Miller replied, “I believe we talked about that, yes.”

We also learned from testimony from Treasury Inspector General J. Russell George that he informed senior officials in the Treasury Department of his investigation into IRS corruption last June, which was smack dab in the middle of a tightly contested presidential campaign and a fierce battle for control of the Senate.

This all happened in the last twelve hours.  So doing a rewind to this morning, what are the five things ABC News thought you needed to guide you through the news of the day? Certainly they’d mention Benghazi, the IRS, AP wiretapping, the two suspected terrorists who suddenly vanished from the witness protection program, or even HHS Secretary Sebelius illegally pressuring health-industry companies for funds that Congress wouldn’t dish out? No? But they’d mention that the woman who was charged with examining tax-exempt organizations at the IRS during this episode of political intimidation now runs the Obamacare branch of the IRS, right? No? Well, what else is there?

Here’s where ABC thought the most relevant “5 Things to Know This Morning“:

1. More Tornadoes Expected for Midwest

2. Calif. Fuels $550M Powerball Jackpot

3. House Has Tentative Immigration Deal

4. Firefighters Battle Wildfire in Calif.

5. Obama Focusing on Jobs in Md. Visit

Was today’s Congressional hearing spontaneously brought to order with all the witnesses whisked into the chambers at the last minute? No. However, the media, initially rattled by the scandals, is back to trying to get you to look the other way.

Those who did cover these scandals did so as brazen spinmeisters. See this headline from AP, who recently declared their outrage at political bullying by the Justice Department, but when it comes to the IRS bullying regular citizens, Obama just can’t keep those pestering Republicans happy:

Badgered: Obama acts, but Republicans unsatisfied

Is this typical liberal selection bias, like the kind that permeated the IRS and much of Big Government, or is this an intentional disregard to hide the slow motion crumbling of Obama’s second term?

Either way, if you’re wondering where the tone for this state of denial comes from, look no further than the White House itself:

“I dismiss the premise, the idea that these are scandals,” Carney said flatly, calling the controversy over Benghazi a “total concoction by Republicans,” and the IRS scandal merely “inappropriate behavior” by the IRS.

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