Atheists rally in favor of logic… of Sandra Fluke

The late, great Mitch Hedberg had a joke that went, “I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.” In Washington, DC this past weekend, atheists gathered to show that they are against religion, but definitely for picketing. The AFP (Agence France-Presse) is on the story:
Thousands of atheists, agnostics and other non-believers turned out in the US capital on Saturday to celebrate their rejection of the idea of God and to claim a bigger place in public life.
And what was the crowd like?
In the center of the good-humored crowd rose a crucifix with an affixed sign that declared: “Banish the Ten Commandments to the dustbin of history.”
“Good-humored” indeed!  Laws against murder and theft are so passe. Honoring your mother and father? For saps. And when has a little adultery ever hurt anyone? I have no doubt that the crowd was overflowing with “good-humor” as they “celebrated”. I’ve certainly never been to a party where a militant atheist has been anything but pleasant and respectful in conversation.
This country was not built on religion and God,” said another of the day’s speaker, Michael Shermer, a self-defined “skeptic” and columnist for the respected Scientific American magazine. “It was built on reason.”
On top of the falsely implied incongruence between faith and reason, Mr. Shermer has quite clearly never read the Declaration of Independence (e.g. “Nature’s God”, “all men…are endowed by their Creator”). Not to be outdone, the AFP reporter rolls out the biggest non-sequitur since the Big Bang followed the nothing that atheists insist caused it:
In no other Western country does religion figure so highly in society as in the United States, where “In God We Trust” appears on bank notes and “one nation under God” is part of the national Pledge of Allegiance.
Yet the most recent American Religious Identification Survey, published in 2009, found that Americans with no religious affiliations — “the nones” in sociological jargon — make up 15 percent of the total adult population.”
In 1776 the United States became the first country founded based on God-given rights. Over 230 years later, the percentage of atheists has reached a mere 15%, and we are supposed to be surprised that the country’s religious foundations have not yet been uprooted?
While not being versed in our country’s foundational documents, this group certainly does appear ready to jump on the latest, most popular American trend… victimology:
These are battles that homosexuals have won, people of color have won, women have won,” said journalist Jamila Bey, who recalled losing a job after her Christian boss learned she was an atheist. “We can’t stay silent anymore.”
I’m assuming the AFP didn’t assign a fact checker to Ms. Bey’s claim that she was illegally fired. But that is irrelevant, anyhow, as I am sure they have plenty of other examples of discrimination. For instance:
Such discrimination, atheists say, includes a virtual inability to serve in public office, the risk of being fired by a religiously devout employer, denial of reproductive health care…”
Was I on vacation the day all of these laws were passed banning the purchase of contraception? Atheists are correct in one respect: Their reasoning doesn’t come from God. It comes from Sandra Fluke.

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