LA City Council Spends Tax Dollars on Speech Police Resolution

As the Los Angeles City Council affiliate of Outrage, Inc. passed a resolution condemning crude and inappropriate comments by a couple of low-level, rightwing shockjocks, where is the outrage over advertised ‘photo galleries’ on the original story from the local CBS affiliate?  Run just prior to the vote, captions included: Lingerie Bowl, NBA Cheerleaders, Celebrity Sex Tape Stars, and College Cheerleaders, each accompanied by provocative photographs of said women.  And all this while un-ironically including Rush Limbaugh’s ‘slut’ and ‘prostitute’ comments as equivalents to the ‘crack ho’ comments by KFI 640 AM talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou.

The arc of the original CBS story best illustrates the true narrative.  It begins with a clarion call to the latest battle in the liberal crusade:

City Council members were one step closer on Wednesday to becoming the first in the nation to adopt a resolution condemning certain types of speech on public airwaves.

‘First in the nation’ to condemn? How bold and pioneering.  And they are not ‘attacking’, but ‘condemning’, a word loaded with moral implications.  Then we are reminded that these are ‘public airwaves’, as if radios don’t have dials, and this station was broadcast over public speakers mounted next to traffic cameras at busy LA intersections.  Pull over, you ‘crack ho’!

This opening could have been written: ‘City council members were one step closer to casting judgment on the disciplinary policies of a private business.’  But alas.

Next is the laundry list of inchoate grievance groups:

Members of Black Media Alliance, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Korean-American Bar Association, and American Indians in Film and Television were on hand to voice their support for the proposal.

The key phrase from above is ‘Members of’.  While no official endorsement of the resolution is forthcoming from these groups, the writer wanted to produce a diverse group, a coalition of the willing, ready to stand boldly against the tyrannical voices of idiocy.

And now two senseless tautologies for unnecessary reinforcement:

The resolution — which was also supported by Councilmember Bernard Parks and Council President Herb Wesson — called attention to the recent uproar over comments by KFI 640 AM talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou.

Even Parks and Wesson hopped on board?  Well, I’m sold then.  And why the need to ‘call attention’ to an ‘uproar’?  Uproars by their definition do a pretty good job of that themselves.

It is only midway through where we discover that Kobylt and Chiampou have already been suspended for their insensitive remarks:

Kobylt and Chiampou were suspended after they called the late pop singer Whitney Houston a “crack ho” three days after her death in February.

But there is no final say on the matter until government has either blessed or condemned the decision of a private corporation in an internal disciplinary matter.  BiasBreakdown eagerly awaits the resolution condemning a suspended coffeehouse barista for backtalk to a Jewish film producer.

The above excerpt explains the earlier inclusion of the ‘members of’ grievance groups, as each of these groups cited in the resolution is dutifully included in the story. But more importantly, we see Clear Channel Communications mentioned by name. Why? Because the council is using the bumbling idiocy of Parks and Wesson to level an attack at the big tuna himself.  After all this fuss, we get to the heart of the matter:

The proposal cites a “long history of racially offensive comments as well as deplorable sexist remarks, particularly towards women and Black, Latino, and Asian communities” at KFI 640 and calls for parent company Clear Channel Communications and other broadcasters to hire a more diverse workforce to offset the trend.

Remarks from syndicated talk show host Rush Limbaugh referring to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute” for testifying on Capitol Hill about women’s access to contraception were also cited in the proposal.

The positive takeaway from this story is that the LA City Council must have satisfactorily addressed the city’s unemployment, crime, and budgetary woes to have time for proxy, fist-in-glove media battles against conservative talk radio personalities.

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