Obama’s humblebrag for the ages

humblebragUrbandictionary.com defines “humblebrag” as “subtly letting others now about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or “woe is me” gloss.” Adding: “A typical and popular approach is to use a disingenuous complaint about something, a self-deprecating statement… as a vehicle to deliver the real message, which invariably shows the person in a favourable light. In fact it shows what an attention seeking and insecure person they really are.”

With that in mind, here is President Obama today:

“You know, the one thing about being president is, after four years, you get pretty humble. You’d think maybe you wouldn’t but actually you become more humble–you realize what you don’t know,” Obama said.

“You realize all the mistakes you made. But you also realize you can’t do things by yourself. That’s not how our system works. You’ve got to have the help and the goodwill of Congress, and what that means is you’ve got to make sure that constituents of members of Congress are putting some pressure on them, making sure they’re doing the right thing.”

1. This should be an incredibly embarrassing admission. He essentially says, “I had no idea that the president wasn’t a dictator!” You’d think a Constitutional law professor might have some understanding of the need to work with Congress and gain their goodwill in order to pass legislation. He just admitted (albeit completely disingenuously) to being completely caught off guard by and unprepared for a fundamental aspect of the job.

2. For someone who has just claimed he’s “pretty humble” and “realizes what he doesn’t know”, you’d think there’d be more to that introspection than “I realized the problem is I need to have more people tell Congress to agree with me.”

3. The quoted passage above is the ultimate humblebrag. I don’t know how it could ever be topped. He literally brags about how humble he is (while starting off with an “oh by the way, did you know I was president?”), before indirectly bragging that he’s always right, while “humbly” implying it’s just that he can’t quite get everyone to see that.

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