Try Occupying China

If Occupy protesters spent less time rioting on Communist holidays and re-enacting scenes from Fight Club, they might have had a chance to check the news and gain a little perspective on how ‘bad’ they have it in this country.

A few headlines today regarding the Occupoopers:

Seattle mayor issues emergency order after May Day mayhem

Occupy San Francisco takes over building, vandalizes cars and buildings

Labor Unions Occupy LAX Airport

Anarchist ring busted by feds, plotted bombings in Cleveland

While the Occupy movement may have begun as an understandable, though inchoate, frustration with the crony capitalism that helped lead to the financial collapse, it’s devolved into anarchic, Greek-style, temper tantrums. (In the video on the Seattle link above, you can see the Anarchy symbol painted on the window.  And the way they’re dressed, I’m betting they cut out the part of the video where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles showed up to take on Shredder.)

Perhaps they’d be more grateful for their lot in life if they’d experienced real oppression: 

China blind activist, Chen Guangcheng, outsmarted guards in elaborate dramatic escape

After 50 years, Cubans hope to travel freely

Chen Guangcheng, rather than spending a night in jail after rioting in cities largely tolerant of his presence, brought a class-action lawsuit on behalf of impoverished villagers against one of the more repressive regimes on the planet for its forced abortions under the one-child policy.  The National Population and Family Planning Commission (which sounds like a creepy new HHS group created by Obamacare, but is much worse) launched an “investigation” that unsurprisingly resulted in Chen Guangcheng’s detention from 2006 until his daring escape.

Incidentally, China’s also been known to chase down “Occupiers” with tanks and indiscriminately shoot into peaceful crowds of them.

Cubans have been dodging gunfire and drowning in their attempts to flee the Communist regime that’s forcibly imprisoned them on their island since 1959.  The regime ruthlessly cracks down on protesters and regularly stirs up anti-American sentiment.

Whereas dissidents in China and Cuba would like to leave, but are forced to stay, Occuputzes are free to leave, but insist on staying.  At least the Occupiers and the rest of us agree on one thing: Life isn’t fair.

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