The Gospel according to Nancy

Nancy Pelosi

Jeff Greenfield of Yahoo’s “The Ticket” blog thought this would just be a run-of-the-mill interview with Nancy Pelosi. Little did he expect to hear the most profound parable since Jesus dropped “The Prodigal Son”:

So, I asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in an interview the other night, what could keep the Democrats from retaking the House of Representatives in November? She pointed to a cup on the table between us. “When the Republican leadership tells its members, ‘there is a blue cup on the table,’ every Republican repeats, ‘there is a blue cup on the table,'” she said. She sighed. “When I tell my fellow Democrats, ‘there is a blue cup on the table,’ one will say ‘there is a blue cup on a round table.’ Another will say, ‘there is a blue cup next to Nancy Pelosi’s cup.’ Another: ‘a blue cup on a brown table.'”

Now I understand why Democrats didn’t have time to read Obamacare before passing it. They were too busy getting stoned and contemplating that blue cup. I bet they really got off track when Joe Biden started arguing that it was actually a purple monkey.  Read more of this post


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